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7TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON CORPUS LINGUISTICS (CILC2015): Current Work in Corpus Linguistics: Working with Traditionally-conceived Corpora and Beyond

Key Dates: 5-7 March 2015

Organized by: Department of English and International Centre for Lexicography, University of Valladolid.

The Spanish Association of Corpus Linguistics (AELINCO) and the local Organizing Committee are pleased to announce that the 7th International Conference on Corpus Linguistics (CILC2015) will be held at the University of Valladolid (Spain) from 5 to 7 March 2015. The Conference will focus on current work in Corpus Linguistics as well as future developments of the discipline, especially in connection with the coming of age of Big Data. The theme for this conference edition is “Current Work in Corpus Linguistics: Working with Traditionally-conceived Corpora and Beyond”.

Aims: The Conference has two basic aims. One of them is to promote the submission of proposals for oral presentations and posters on issues related with any one of the following nine panels established by AELINCO:

▪    Corpus design, compilation and types, chaired by Francisco Alonso Almeida, Universidad de las Palmas de Gran Canarias.

▪    Discourse, literary analysis and corpora, chaired by José Luis Oncins, Universidad de Extremadura.

▪    Corpus-based grammatical studies, chaired by Isabel Moskowich-Spiegel Fandiño, Universidade da Coruña.

▪    Corpus-based lexicology and lexicography, chaired by Pedro A. Fuertes-Olivera, Universidad de Valladolid.

▪    Corpora, contrastive studies and translation, chaired by Chelo Vargas Sierra, Universidad de Alicante.

▪    Corpus and linguistic variation, chaired by María José López Couso, Universidad de Santiago de Compostela.

▪    Corpus-based computational linguistics, chaired by Antonio Moreno Sandoval, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

▪    Corpora, language acquisition and teaching, chaired by Raquel Criado Sánchez, Universidad de Murcia.

▪    Special uses of corpus linguistics, chaired by María Luz Gil Salóm, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia.


In addition, CILC2015 aims to pose questions and point to possible answers regarding the future of the discipline and its similarities and differences with Big Data. Leading scholars in this field will present and discuss current challenges related with the confluence of traditionally-conceived corpus studies and Big Data (e.g. aspects such as methodological similarities and differences, development of new software, translation of basic research into innovation, and analysis of user-generated content on social networks for gleaning people’s emotions with the aim of developing new commercial products). To sum up, we aim to make reflections on the future of Corpus Linguistics in the age of Big Data. Several plenary speakers and a Round Table will cover these and other issues regarding the future of the discipline and its similarities and differences with Big Data:

Plenary Speakers: Working in the Era of Big Data

Dr. Andrew Hardie: Lancaster University

Prof. Theo Bothma: University of Pretoria

Prof. Ulrich Heid: University of Hildesheim

Dr. Robert Villa: University of Sheffield:

Prof. Pascual Cantos Gómez: Universidad de Murcia

Dr. Paul Rayson: Lancaster University

 Prof. Asunción Gómez Pérez

Abstract Submissions

The CILC2015 will be held on 5-7 March 2015.

Abstract Submission Information

  • Abstracts can be submitted from 4 August 2014 until 20 December-2014.

Abstract Rating Information:

Submitted Abstracts will be reviewed from 15 December 2014 until 25 January 2015. Authors will be notified of their acceptance/rejection after 25 January 2015. However, if the abstract is submitted before 1 December, there would be an earlier response of acceptance/rejection.


We look forward to your contributions and to meeting you in Valladolid next year!

Kind regards.

Valladolid, July 2014.